The Standard Full Open Bar Package is included for four (4) continuous hours and includes: Bourbon, Scotch, Amaretto, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Vermouth, Draft Beer (Bud Light), House Wines (Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Merlot), Champagne for Bridal Party, Soda (Coke Products), Mixers (Bloody Mary, Sweet & Sour, Tonic Water, Club Soda, Juices), Ice, Disposable Cups, Bar Napkins & Fruit Garnishes. Bartenders are $150 each. Parties of 100 or more require two bartenders. Parties of 200 or more require three bartenders. Bar Service is subject sales tax. Gratuity is optional.  Printable Menu – Bar Services .

Full Open Standard Bar Package (Four Hours)

  • Under 50 guests          Call for Pricing + bartender charge
  • 51-125 guests                Call for Pricing + bartender charge
  • Over 125 guests           Call for Pricing + bartender charge

Bar Upgrades

Premium Bar Service                                                            add… Call for Pricing
*Premium Brands upgrade “Standard” or “House” brand liquors with the following:
Bourbon: Jack Daniels      Scotch: Dewars      Vodka: Absolut     Rum: Capt. Morgan & Bacardi
Gin: Tanqueray      Tequila” Jose Cuervo

Canned or Bottled Beer                                                        add… Call for Pricing
Please inquire for selections and regulations

Premium and Canned/Bottled Beer                                  add… Call for Pricing

Bar Glassware                                                                        add… Call for Pricing
12oz All Purpose Glass and 6oz Wine Glass (requires add’l bartender)

Extended Bar Time (max. 1 hour, must be arranged one week prior to event)
Additional ½ Hour / 1 Hour                                                    add… Call for Pricing

Pre-Tip (in lieu of Tip Jar)                                                      add… Call for Pricing

Additional Bartender                                                             add… Call for Pricing

Champagne Toast – all guests: (recommended one bottle per each table)
Champagne (Please inquire for selections)                                        Call for Pricing
Sparkling Grape                                                                                      Call for Pricing
Glass Champagne Flutes                                                                       Call for Pricing

Non Alcoholic Service:  Refreshment Bar Package (Four Hours)

  • Under 50 guests          Call for Pricing
  • 51-125 guests                Call for Pricing
  • Over 125 guests           Call for Pricing